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Skills a Production Artist Needs

March 27, 2013 IADT General, Graphic Design, IADT Las Vegas 0 Comments

What Is A Production Artist ImageThis is a general interest article and not based on any specific school, or the experience of our graduates.

Interested in production artists? Graphic designers in this role must have unique skills. Learn how production artists become well-versed in the following areas:

Big Picture Thinking

One of the most important skills a production artist needs is having a big-picture mindset. Production artists are required to not only conceptualize design ideas but also implement them. They must be able to see an art project through from idea formulation to production. This ability allows a project to remain unified and efficiently implemented into the post-production stage.

Artistic Abilities

Production artists must possess fully-developed artistic skills even more than other graphic design professionals. Their positions involve more than simply designing a page layout. They must know a project’s artistic theme, develop a strategy for implementing that theme, and ensure all areas of production align with the art.

Digital Editing Experience

As with most graphic designers today, eHow.com explains that digital editing abilities are a must.* Graphic design training programs usually can provide students an opportunity to digital editing software knowledge. But be aware that production artists might need extra training. Software knowledge requirements often depend on the agency or individual project, so production artists might need to self-train themselves in new editing software. Overseeing art projects could also involve less-traditional forms of graphic and art design. Well-qualified production artists are open to new learning and implementing new forms of art.

User Experience Knowledge

Whether you’re interested in working with books, magazines, digital software, or other forms of art design, you must have a working knowledge of user experience. Production artists must know the best image resolutions, type of media their audience enjoys, and proper ways to implement the product’s artistic goals.

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