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How Lifelike Mannequins are Boosting Sales

March 15, 2013 IADT Online, Fashion Design and Merchandising, IADT General 0 Comments

Fashion Merchandising and Mannequins When you’re out shopping, how often do you pay attention to mannequins? Sometimes they only catch our attention when they’re unrealistically thin, striking abnormal poses, or wearing something we wish we could find on the rack. The uniform bodies and eyeless faces of mannequins usually don’t add up to a friendlier shopping experience, to say the least.

Some designers are working to change this by customizing more lifelike mannequins for their clients. Whether the designers are adding detailed faces or arm muscles, lifelike mannequins seem to be boosting sales in stores across the country.

Lifelike mannequins are useful because they can:

  • Catch our attention. Shoppers are more likely to notice and respond to mannequins that are distinct from one another. 
  • Evoke the customer’s self-concept. Mannequins that are more similar to real customers in stature and features can remind customers of themselves or who they want to be, and customers are more likely to buy merchandise that can boost their self-image.
  • Strike more active poses, reminding the customers of activities they could do in the clothes.
  • Target specific consumers using various details, poses, and body types. For example, some new mannequins emulate muscled athletes and frolicking children.
  • Promote a store’s brand image. Using high quality, specialized mannequins can improve a store’s atmosphere and customer relations.
  • Increase the interactive experience of shopping in stores. Friendly faces on mannequins make the merchandise seem more personal.

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