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Fashions That Every Female College Student Should Own

March 22, 2013 Fashion Design and Merchandising, Fashion Design, IADT General, IADT Las Vegas 0 Comments

Fashion Design and Merchandising For College StudentsChoosing clothes for your college wardrobe can be tricky, especially if you may not be returning home for several months. You want clothes that are both fashionable and functional to wear throughout the week, and fortunately if you choose the right staples, you’ll be prepared for any situation.

Take a look at the following list to find out which clothes are must-have items for college.

Daily Wear

Tank tops. You can wear tank tops during hot weather and layer them under shirts and cardigans during the colder months.

Cardigans are comfortable and look much nicer than hoodies. They’re also versatile, so you can pair them with a variety of blouses or tank tops.

Several pairs of jeans you can wear with anything, in various washes and cuts if you like to mix it up.

Bras and underwear that fit well. Finding the right fit can ensure you’re comfortable and confident in every outfit.

A bag. Invest in a nice bag that will last you a couple of years. When you choose a sturdy bag, first consider whether you want a normal purse or a larger tote that can hold some school books and papers.

Comfy clothes such as hoodies and sweatpants are great for studying in at home or in a dorm.

Dressing Up

Dressy blouses work well if you want to for formal occasions, such as an interviews, or they can be used to spruce up your weekly wardrobe.

Dress shoes. A pair of black heels is the classic choice since they can be worn to a job interview or to a party.

A dress. Consider getting a dress in a flattering color and cut that can be worn on multiple occasions. Throw a cardigan over it to dress up for class or pair it with your best heels for a night out.

Dress pants. More comfortable than a skirt and just as dressy, dress pants are vital for formal occasions.

A suit jacket and/or white button-down to wear to interviews.

Seasonal Clothing

A winter coat. Depending on the weather where you are, choose a winter coat. There are so many styles available that you can choose a coat that’s both warm and fashionable—just don’t choose a coat that’s stylish but not warm.

A fall/spring coat is invaluable for those days when just a hoodie isn’t enough and your winter coat is too much.

Gloves. Keep an extra pair in case you lose one!

Want to develop your knack for fashion? Consider taking fashion design courses by pursuing a fashion design degree program in your area.

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