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7 Tips for Mobile Game Design

March 18, 2013 Game Design and Production, IADT General, IADT Orlando 0 Comments

Mobile Game Design CoursesTechnically, game design went “mobile” a long time ago; handheld gaming devices have been in use for years. But mobile game design has taken on new meaning with the rise of touchscreen devices, such as phones or tablets, that can run applications including games.

Game designers, as tech-savvy innovators, have to keep up with technology by learning how to adapt to new formats, including mobile tablets and phones. If you’re honing your skills in a game design degree program, expand your knowledge of mobile game design principles by considering these 7 tips.

  1. Capture the player’s attention within the first minute of play. Since players don’t have much patience for cheap mobile games, you have to convince them to keep playing early on.
  2. Design with the touchscreen in mind. The touchscreen is a different tool than traditional control buttons, and so games have to be designed to take advantage of its capabilities.
  3. Make your premise simple. The rules of your game should be simple enough to understand in less than a minute. This makes the game easy to start and easy to remember when you pick it up later.
  4. Develop levels in your game that can be completed quickly. Most games are played in time spans of several minutes, not several hours, so make it easy for users to play a quick level whenever they want.
  5. Make the goals and the moves natural and obvious. Players won’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out your game, so make it easy for them to get the hang of.
  6. Make your game cheap. In the world of mobile apps, neither casual nor hardcore gamers are going to want to spend more than $0.99 on a game. Make your game cheap or make it free.
  7. Test your game. Running tests can help you improve your game, increasing its longevity in the market. Don’t forget to listen to and address player feedback as well.

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