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Visual Merchandise Coordinators: What Do They Do?

March 19, 2012 IADT Seattle, Fashion Design and Merchandising, IADT General 0 Comments

Visual Merchandise Coordinator - Fashion Retail DisplayYour goal is simple: you love fashion and hope to enter the industry one day. But in a practical sense, finding career opportunities in the fashion business requires a lot of research and decision-making. Even if you narrow your interests down to fashion merchandising, there are still a variety of positions to explore, among them the role of Visual Merchandise Coordinator.

If you have an artistic eye and enjoy interior as well as fashion design, then you might love what visual merchandise coordinators do. Learn more by checking out the overview below.

Visual Merchandise Coordinators . . .

Work in:

  • Retail stores
  • Boutiques
  • Online stores

Use their knowledge of:

  • Marketing techniques
  • Retail merchandising practices
  • Color theory
  • Retail interior design
  • Fashion

Use skills including:

  • Art and design
  • Organization
  • Space and layout
  • Planning
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Fashion trend analysis and forecasting

Are responsible for:


  • Must design and construct inventive displays that catch customers’ attention
  • Focus on improving the visual appearance and resulting atmosphere of the store
  • Work to increase sales primarily through effective layouts


  • Use store displays and décor to facilitate a positive shopping experience
  • Frequently update elements of the displays or store layout
  • Stay informed about the latest fashion trends


  • Must align their visual presentation with the company’s brand and sales goals
  • May work with manufacturers to order items with greater visual appeal
  • Use customer feedback to improve visual practices
  • Depending on the size of the store, may coordinate with other visual merchandisers, sales teams, and more to develop design plans using sales data

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