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Pairing Your Boots with the Right Outfit

March 30, 2012 IADT Las Vegas, Fashion Design 0 Comments

Red Boots FashionBoots are one of the most eye-catching accessories, but that means that you have to pair your boots with the right clothes to assemble a balanced outfit. You can usually tell whether your favorite new boots don’t complement a certain top or skirt, but every woman can benefit from these fashion design guidelines for choosing the right outfit for your boots.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are one of the hottest styles in shoe fashion, but they are probably the hardest to pull off. Avoid them if your legs are particularly skinny or your calves are very muscled. Try ankle boots with:

  • Long leggings or tights and a tunic top
  • Skinny or bootcut jeans
  • A long skirt
  • A miniskirt or minidress. Choose a skirt that’s a few inches above the knee and is fitted rather than poufy. Flat ankle boots work better with casual outfits, while heeled ones are appropriate for dressy skirts. If your legs aren’t hidden, then the trick is showing a lot of leg when you wear ankle boots, so make sure your legs are in good shape.

Knee-high boots

The hardest part about wearing knee-high boots is finding a pair that fits. They should be comfortable and fitted to your calves without being too snug. You can wear them:

  • Over skinny jeans or tights
  • With a skirt that’s just below or above knee-length. Skirts that are longer work best with mid-calf boots
  • With a sweater dress or belted tunic top

Thigh-high boots

The trick to wearing thigh-high boots is to pair them with more subdued clothing for balance. To avoid looking too provocative, choose suede or natural leather boots with a smaller heel in black, brown or beige. Wear them:

  • Over tights in the same color
  • Under a skirt, minidress, or plain belted dress. It’s easier to pull off the look if you choose one that overlaps your boots by about an inch
  • Over dark leggings with a shirt-dress or tunic top
  • With a form-fitting coat or classy jacket
  • Over skinny jeans paired with a long, loose top

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