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Road Construction May Impact Routes to IADT-Seattle

March 25, 2011 IADT Seattle 0 Comments

TRAVEL ALERT: Beginning on March 28, 2011, the city of Tukwila – where IADT-Seattle is located – will begin an extensive road construction project that could impact the routes students, staff and potential new students take when driving to the campus.

The city is providing regular updates on where the construction is and what roads are impacted, so please check in there before planning your route. A few details are below; other road and lane closures will be updated at the link referenced above as information becomes available.

Major road impacts during construction:

  • Southcenter Parkway (both directions) closed between Strander Boulevard and the west mall entrance
  • Klickitat Drive (both directions) closed between Southcenter Parkway and I-5 (southbound) on-ramp
  • I-5 (southbound) off-ramp is open during construction
  • I-5 (northbound) off-ramp (exit 153) to southbound Southcenter Parkway closed
  • Southcenter Parkway (southbound) closed between the north mall entrance and the west mall entrance
  • I-5 (northbound) off-ramp (exit 153) to northbound Southcenter Parkway is open during construction
  • Southcenter Parkway (northbound) from I-5 off-ramp is open during construction


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