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IADT-Sacramento Wins IKEA Challenge

March 9, 2011 IADT Sacramento, IADT General, Graphic Design, Interior Design 0 Comments

It was a fine March Saturday. The day was clear and crisp and perfect for the next episode of the West Sacramento IKEA Challenge. All the players were focused on the outcome. We were determined to bring home a win for our school, International Academy of Design and Technology. Our three teams (as opposed to 2 teams for The Art Institute) even arrived early to scope out the terrain and plan their strategy.

It was anyone’s game. Team Devon fielded a full complement of 5 members from both ID and Graphics. (Devon Page, Matt Cook, Sara Dadie, Patty Good, Claudia Duenas) With a few veterans of this competition on their team, strategy was strong and they came through with flying colors despite a near disastrous fastener calamity. Their storage unit, originally a night stand, was clever and attractive.

Our other 2 teams, Team Nicole (Nicole McKay, Maritza Neri, and last minute substitutions Carrie Stillwell and Melinda Mateo) and Team Peggy (Peggy Rardin, Linda Vang, Alejandra Anaya, Jacqueline Anaya, and another last minute substitution Linda McLaughlin) were equally focused on the game and the prize, IKEA gift cards for each team member!

Team Nicole succeeded greatly in creating a message center that was truly unique, beautiful and functional with both magnetic and tack surfaces as well as a task light. All of this was from the original night stand. The hand tool dilemma had all teams struggling at first and perhaps we convinced IKEA that an electric saw would be helpful next time.

And finally, after 1.5 hours of valiant battle, Team Peggy perfected their rolling bar cart from the original night stand, by accessorizing at the last minute with striking fabric additions, mirror tiles, and cool blue glassware. This project was just what the judges were looking for. It had function, it had glamour, and was an amazing creation in just an hour and a half. Most importantly, it was judged the WINNER of the competition!!

All who attended had a great time. We had several dozen IADT supporters in the crowd, many who had video cameras (film at later date). Our teams were also filmed by Lisa Quinn, a local cable television personality. The footage that was shot during the competition will be used on her cable show. We will let all of our IADT family know when it will air!

A big congratulations to Peggy, Alex, Jackie, Linda and Linda! Spend you winnings wisely! All other IADT students, remember you too could be involved in this fun (and profit) next year. Watch for a sign-up during the month of February…. and participate in the hand-tools workshop before the competition!



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