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Sacramento Fashion Week Panel Shares Tips for Aspiring Designers

March 31, 2011 IADT General, IADT Sacramento, Fashion Design 0 Comments

What do fashion industry professionals say are the most important things students pursuing fashion careers need to know? A forum at Sacramento State College during the recent Sacramento Fashion Week discussed this topic, and IADT-Sacramento adjunct fashion design instructor Quesstonnal Reed was on hand to take down the advice of the panel, which included a fashion designer, modeling agency owner, stylists, and fashion instructors.

Here are several great tips Quesstonnal shared:

• Hone as many skills as possible while in school, because you may have to become the jack of all trades to stay employed in the industry.

• Understand and know fashion terminology; if you do not, potential employers and contractors will notice.

• Understand fabrics. If you are planning on becoming a fashion designer, you must understand how fabrics respond under certain conditions and understand the properties of different fabrics.

• Find a good circle of friends and professionals you can trust to support your dreams and keep you on track.

• Do not become a diva. Fashion is a fast-paced, in-today, out-tomorrow business. You can't afford to alienate anyone, so keep your ego in check!

• “Blogging is the new way of advertising,” said Hasti Kashfia, a stylist in the bay area.

One of the key approaches when entering the industry is to have an internship to get a taste of your desired fashion career.  Dong Shen, associate professor at CSU Sacramento, suggest these two websites to help students locate internships: www.dailyfashion.com and www.freefashioninternships.com.

Students planning on remaining in the Sacramento area can find help at the Sac Midtown Business Association and Sac Metro Arts Commission (SMAC). Also, if you wish to display your work and talent on the runway, there are plans for Sac Fashion Week 2012 - just check out www.sacfashionweek.com and talk with producer Duane Ram or chairman Grace Ballesteros.

Remember fashionistas, you can create your dream!



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