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IADT-Detroit's Lloyd Eddy Featured in Art Competition

March 23, 2011 IADT General, IADT Detroit 0 Comments

Process is a crucial part of any artist's or designer's work, whether the piece is a fine-art creation or for commercial purposes. Here, Lloyd Eddy, visual communications instructor at IADT-Detroit, shares his approach to an original painting he created (shown below) that will be featured in the upcoming 29th Annual Michigan Fine Arts Competition April 1 - May 6:

"In my current work, I take images from various media sources and deconstruct them using computer software. I then use elements from those deconstructed pieces to create a composition. I appropriate images and manipulate them to suit my aesthetic goals. Sometimes, the only recognizable evidence of the subject used is a pureed amalgam of all of the victims named in the title. To me, it’s not important that the viewer recognize the subject visually, but that the viewer whimsically appraises them as a molested blend of pointless associations. In the end, just as a curious child dismantles a toy, I take apart images with brutal indifference, content in my disconnected associations and shallow scrutiny."

Lloyd Eddy painting


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