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How to Simplify Your Internet Marketing Strategy

June 14, 2013 IADT General, IADT Las Vegas, Internet Marketing 0 Comments

SEO and Web TrafficFrom SEO to link-building to social media to content marketing, the Internet is a tricky field to navigate. Prioritizing can make the process easier. Learn how to simplify your Internet marketing strategy with this process:

Build Relationships

For your marketing strategy to work, it has to include relationship building. Do not limit your focus to relationships with current and potential customers—remember to build relationships with your vendors, employees, and even your competitors. Strong relationships may help you through challenging times or tight deadlines. Build relationships and improve your contacts using these tips:

  • Encourage honest feedback from your customers, vendors, employees, and competitors. Ask them for constructive criticism on your work. This practice demands clear communication and allows your clients to feel intimately connected with your work. They will expect honesty from you as well, which allows for trust to develop.
  • Listen more than you talk. Be a sounding board in your relationships. Clients may feel better understood and cared for when they feel as though you actually listen to what they say. Know their needs.
  • Give more than you receive. Do not reach out to your contacts only when you need something. A good relationship is mutually beneficial. Look out for your clients, offering networking or other opportunities that you know will benefit them. Your relationships may be stronger if your contacts feel that knowing you if beneficial to them.
  • Make communication a routine. Do not let too much time pass when reaching out to your contacts. Remember to reach out for no specific reason. Know your clients’ interests and reach out with articles or links for their enjoyment. Invite them to events so you can meet with them face-to-face. And remember to say thank you frequently. Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter make this easier than ever.
  • Most importantly, be real. Let people see who you really are and they will appreciate you as an individual, rather than as a professional. This may increase trust and respect, which are both essential to strong relationships.

Optimize Content

You’ve narrowed down the platforms that you want to focus on, and now it’s time to optimize those venues – for users and search engines. Be sure your blog content is useful, your website is user-friendly, and your Facebook page encourages interaction. Once you’ve made all of your content indispensable to users, you can focus on search engine optimization. Add keywords naturally, insert relevant links and image alt tags, and use catchy-but-keyword-friendly titles.

Test Results

After you release your optimized updates, you can start testing results. It’s important that you continue to monitor the success of your Internet marketing efforts. Check website traffic, bounce rates, comments, likes, shares, purchases and other metrics to measure your efforts. Then, adjust your strategies accordingly. The Internet is a changing medium, so Internet marketers have to continuously adapt to new search engine rules and user behaviors. 


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