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6 Graphic Designers to Follow on Twitter

June 7, 2013 IADT General, IADT Sacramento 0 Comments

Great Designers on Twitter

Graphic designers all over the world are coming together to form a community of creative professionals on Twitter. If you want to join the conversation, follow these six notable graphic design accounts:

1. Yvette Grimes @yvettegr

Yvette Grimes is a graphic designer, Web designer, author and artist who shares relevant videos, photos, images, and design ideas. Check out her Twitter feed for a diverse look into an all-around artist’s world.

2. HOW Design @HOWbrand

This industry-leading magazine hosts a Twitter account that shares all things creative with its followers. The staff is dedicated to inspiring and empowering fellow designers through articles, images, free templates and more.

3. Jacob Cass @justcreative

Founder of design freelance company JUST Creative, Jacob Cass is a resourceful graphic designer, Web designer and blogger. His insights and shares are current and useful to graphic design professionals.

4. David Airey @DavidAirey

David Airy is a graphic designer focused on developing brand identities. On Twitter, he offers advice for design students, shares industry articles and keeps his followers updated on design news.

5. Rajesh Pancholi @r27

This visual communications professional shares articles, retweets, and starts conversations with fellow designers. You can also access his website, portfolio and blog.

6. Chris Spooner @chrisspooner

Chris Spooner, a creative designer and blogger, uses Twitter to help designers with Web design, typography, free features, tutorials, CMS, and other resources that inspire and assist digital creative professionals.


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