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Be Proactive this Semester: 3 Ways for College Students to Set Goals and Focus on Success

June 6, 2013 IADT General, IADT Orlando 0 Comments

3 Ways for College Students to Set Goals

Do you want to make some changes this semester, but aren’t sure how to focus on accomplishing your goals? These three tips for college students are designed specifically for your goals and your position in life:

Make the Decision

If you’re pursuing a degree program, you probably have some decisions to make about your future. On what area of your industry should you focus? Should you try to start your own business after you graduate or get some experience first? Focus on one or two of the questions you’re asking yourself and pledge to find the answer this year. You can make the process easier by following these steps:

  • Define your professional goals.
  • Narrow down the steps you need to get there.
  • Decide how and when you want to follow these steps.

Prepare for the Future

Attending school can be a confusing time; students often focus totally on their school work and forget about the real world. But if you’re in college, you’re likely preparing for a profession. What are your next steps for pursuing a professional life? Whether its practice interviews, attending networking events, developing relationships with your professors or pursuing an internship, you can start while you’re still in school. The sooner you complete that step, the closer you are to a professional life.

Stop Procrastinating

Students are renowned for their procrastination abilities, but it’s not the best method for maintaining a healthy academic life. If you want to bring balance back to your life and eliminate those panic-filled late-nighters, follow these simple tips:

  • Make a daily schedule and block out study time for each class
  • Leave one full day per week open for free time

Find a study partner for each class to keep you on schedule and add some fun to your studies


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