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How Nintendo Wii is Upgrading

June 19, 2012 IADT Orlando, IADT General, Game Design and Production 0 Comments

Game Design and production - ControllersThe Nintendo Wii is one of the best-selling video game consoles because of its ability to appeal to a wide range of people. Before its release, few people had ever played a video game using motion controls, so they all wanted to try it.

Nintendo is planning to upgrade the Wii with the release of the Nintendo Wii U in 2012. The Nintendo Wii U will upgrade some important features but still keep the great motion-controlled gaming that everyone has grown to love.

The most important upgrade that the Nintendo Wii U demonstrates is the ability to play every game in 1080p high definition. This will become the first video game console from Nintendo that will display high-definition graphics. There were a large portion of hardcore video game players that would not buy a Nintendo Wii because it did not feature high-definition graphics, and the Wii U addresses this gap in demand.

The other major upgrade is that the Nintendo Wii U will feature a new controller. The Wii U controller will still feature motion controls, but it will also have a built-n 5.3-inch touchscreen. The touchscreen will be used for an enhancement of the game, or it can display the game you are playing if your television is turned off. It has also been reported that users will be able to use the touchscreen in the Nintendo Wii U controller to surf the Internet.

While the Nintendo Wii U will include these upgrades, the system will still be backwards compatible. This means that you will be able to play all of your favorite Nintendo Wii games on the new system. These games will also receive a slight graphics enhancement when being played.

All of the controllers used on the Nintendo Wii will also operate on the new system. This will allow you to play all of your favorite games the way they were intended to be played. You will also be able to use the original Wii controllers to play games that are released on the new system if you do not care for the new controller.

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