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How Web Designers Can Create Great E-Books

June 28, 2012 IADT General, IADT San Antonio 0 Comments

Web Design for EbookAs a Web designer, you probably already know that offering e-books is a great way to drive traffic to your website or generate passive income. So the question is: How can you create a high quality e-book that people want, especially with your Web design skills? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Make the e-book visually interesting

Since printing costs aren't an issue, use your Web design talents to draw in the reader with fonts, colored headings, photos, diagrams, or charts. Be careful not to overdo the graphics or fonts though; as with Web design, too much could confuse the reader's eye and distract from your message. Also be aware that detailed elements will increase the download size of the e-book file. And don't forget that unlike a Web page, an e-book page limits the amount of space available.

Add your weblink in the footer

Each page should contain a footer with the page number and a link to your website, logo or name. What you choose to publish will depend on what your e-book is intended to promote.

Read other great e-books

Download other e-books and read print books that you believe look good. Look at the formatting, use of graphics, design elements, and front cover, and then pick what you like best and try to emulate that in your e-book.

Create your e-book with quality software

Microsoft Word is an excellent choice for creating your e-book. It offers comprehensive word processing features such as spell check, automatic table of contents, and automatic page numbering. It also offers graphics capabilities like auto-caption for images.

Another possibility is to use an HTML editor to build your e-book pages. This offers the advantage of more customization within a page layout, but you'll sacrifice automated word processing tools.

Convert your e-book into a format for distribution

After you've crafted your e-book, you can convert it to PDF format to see how it looks as an e-book. If you are satisfied, you can keep it in this format for distribution or go back to the original document and convert it into another format. Some recommend that beginner authors should stick with the commonly used PDF for ease of use and distribution.

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