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The Professional Pace at IADT: More Credits, Less Cost

June 27, 2012 IADT General 0 Comments

The Professional Pace at IADTHave you heard of the new Professional Pace option for IADT students?

Here’s the deal - If you’re interested in finishing your degree faster by taking more credits per term, you can also save money on your overall tuition – up to $200 per credit and up to $4,000 per term*.

This is how it works: If you’re in an associate’s program, you take 16 credits each term (except for the final term, which is 12 credits). If you’re in a bachelor’s program, you take 12 credits per term for the first academic year and 16 credits per term in the subsequent academic years until you complete your program. 

Tuition in the Professional Pace program also includes the required textbooks and supplies in the supply kit for students who enroll in the program each term. 

Curious to learn more? Check out the details of the Professional Pace program or contact an admissions representative today!

This program is available at all of our campuses and IADT-Online except for IADT-San Antonio and IADT-Nashville.

*Compared to taking 4 credits per term versus 20 credits per term.

*Increasing credits per term may increase out-of-pocket expenses. Please consult the school’s Financial Aid department to discuss options.


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