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The Role of a Fashion Photographer

June 26, 2012 IADT General, IADT Tampa, Photography 0 Comments

Fashion PhotographerFashion photographers do much more than just take pictures of gorgeous models. They have the role of perfectly capturing the essence of the clothing or accessories that are being promoted to make them appealing to fashion lovers throughout the world.

Fashion photographers look for ways to portray clothing and other fashion items in memorable and interesting ways. They need to have a good working relationship with the models and fashion designers so they feel comfortable during the photo shoot. The fashion photographer needs to make a connection with the models and make them feel at ease. When the models feel happy and relaxed, this comes through in their expressions in the photos.

Fashion photographers are often employed by fashion magazines, fashion houses, catalogs, and advertising agencies. Some are self-employed freelance fashion photographers. Many fashion photographers who are just starting out choose to work closely with a seasoned fashion photographer. This will help them gain contacts in the industry, understand fashion photography techniques, and gain hands-on experience.

Fashion photographers must have an artistic eye and pay close attention to detail. Even small details can make or break a photo. Photographers also need to be familiar with different fabrics, designs, and textiles, and understand how to capture them in the most appealing way possible. Before setting up the fashion shoot, the fashion photographer meets with the fashion designer to come up with a concept for the photo shoot.

As photography today becomes more and more technical, fashion photographers need to know how to use graphic design software to edit and enhance photos. This ensures that the photos are highly attractive and appealing to their clients.

Fashion photographers work closely with fashion stylists, agents, and directors to achieve the right look for the photos. Picking the right background, lighting, and props makes the pictures unique and attractive. As there is a lot of competition in the fashion photography world, fashion photographers need to be creative and develop their own signature style. Consider enrolling in a photography degree program to get the industry training you need.

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