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The Retail Merchandise Manager’s Work Environment

June 14, 2012 IADT Tampa, IADT General, Retail Merchandise Management 0 Comments

Retail merchandising managerIn the world of retail, the merchandise manager is the primary sales driver. While there other factors (location, season, product mix, advertising and price) involved, the retail merchandise manager can affect all of these and more.

Retail merchandise managers have the primary responsibility of acquiring products from manufacturers and suppliers. The acquisition of the product is determined through price negotiations, order quantities, delivery schedules and any promotional or warranty options.

Depending on the type of retail store, the merchandise manager could work in several types of settings:

  • In the office at a computer, comparing prices and purchase agreements
  • On the phone negotiating the best price and optimum quantity
  • In the stores reviewing the shelving or racks to decide on placement and capacity
  • In the warehouses overseeing the delivery of goods to be shipped
  • At trade shows analyzing trends and products to determine what merchandise to buy
  • Comparing items at different competitors as a “secret shopper”
  • Presenting new concepts to executives and managers
  • Visiting manufacturers and suppliers to discuss product quality

Retail merchandise managers must think on their feet and have the flexibility and mobility to get up and travel whenever it is necessary. Often the merchandise manager must make quick decisions – for example, if there is not enough shelving for the retail display, how can we improvise?

The job of a retail merchandise manager can be stressful because sales and profits depend so much on the decisions made by this person. But also the job can be quite rewarding when you can see your company making sales and profits thanks to your quality work and skills. Learn more about this work environment in a retail merchandise management degree program.

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