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How 5 Famous Brands Got their Logos

June 21, 2012 IADT General, IADT San Antonio, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Graphic Designing LogoChoosing the right logo is important for a company, as this feature launches a company name and expresses its identity. Here’s the story behind the logos five major companies wisely selected.


The soda manufacturing company quickly became the most successful soft drink organization throughout history. Coca-Cola created its famous product by combining Coca-Cola flavored syrup with carbonated water to the delight of consumers everywhere. The company’s recognizable logo was designed by Frank Robinson, who created the Spenserian font. The classic bottle placed behind the script came from the Root Glass Company, which issued the bottle in 1915.


The famous swoosh is recognized throughout the world along with the name Nike, which originated from the Greek goddess of victory. Carolyn Davidson designed the familiar swoosh in 1971 and billed the company $35 for her efforts. Later, in 1983, company executive Phil Knight gave Davidson an envelope of Nike stock along with a gold ring depicting her popular swoosh design.


This fast-food restaurant has become the largest chain in the world. The franchise’s famous Golden Arches were first presented in 1962, designed by Jim Schindler. His idea was for the arches to look like the curved signs that were located on the restaurant’s sides. He combined the curves to create the “M” logo that is still used today.


The Audi Company’s logo of four rings signifies the merging of four separate German automobile companies in 1932. These companies were Wanderer, Horch, Audi and DKW. The Audi Company updated the design in 2009 by changing the writing style and giving the rings a three-dimensional look.


Apple Inc. is known for its popular electronics including the iPhone, Mac personal computers, and the iPod. The well-known company logo is an apple that appears to have a piece bitten out of it. The company has updated the apple design since originally it appeared with rainbow coloring and was created by Rob Janoff. Currently, the Apple Company has changed the logo to more simplistic coloring of black, white and grey.

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