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IADT-Orlando Announces Distinguished Alumni Award Nominees

June 17, 2011 IADT Alumni, IADT General 0 Comments

IADT-Orlando's Alumni Chapter has selected its nominees for the Distinguished Alumni Award, presented annually to an alumnus who has achieved personal and professional success. The winner will be notified on Friday, June 24, and will be recognized at our upcoming graduation ceremony on July 16 at the World Center Marriott.

The recipient of this award exhibits the values of IADT-Orlando through valuable contributions, dedication, commitment and achievements in advancing their design craft. Their efforts have brought honor to IADT, and they are a shining example of alumni achievement and personal dedication.

Last year, we had the pleasure of announcing our first winners ever to receive this award: Massiel Diplan & Carolina Diplan. These two sisters are graduates who were well-deserving of the award for their contribution to the community and their success with their current business, A Boutique Affair. http://site.aboutiqueaffair.com
Please join me in congratulating our nominees for the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award:
○Kody Kasper- Digital Media
○Emily Davidson- Digital Media
○Hanieel Rodriguez- Digital Media
○Keenan Miranda- Digital Media
○Jerel Short- Digital Media
○Angela Bush- Digital Media
○Lottielyn Schwenke- Digital Media
○Ben Parrish- Graphic Design
○Ron Wolek- Graphic Design
○Laura Ventura- Advertising Design
○Mark Wilkinson- Game Design
○Kristie Burk- Fashion Design
○Lile Useche- Fashion Design
○Rebeca Marrero- Fashion Design
○Sarah Fox- Interior Design
○Ann Knowles-Interior Design
○Sydney Watkins- Interior Design
○Tamara Gonzales-Santiago- Interior Design
○April Staats- Interior Design
The best of luck to each of you!

-Becky Romero, Alumni Champion, IADT-Orlando


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