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American Idol Star Shares Inspiration with IADT-Nashville

June 10, 2011 IADT Nashville, IADT General 0 Comments

On June 9, IADT-Nashville hosted a Q&A session with American Idol runner-up David Archuleta, who was in town to attend the CMT Awards.

Audio instructor Aaron McBride arranged the impromptu visit, which lasted about an hour and was open to students from all programs.

Archuleta spoke about the creative process and overcoming adversities, though his main focus was on service to others.  He works with several organizations that help seriously ill children, those affected by leprosy, and homeless teens. His genuine manner and heartfelt words regarding his conviction to be of service and be true as an artist were truly inspiring.

Thanks to David Archuleta and to Aaron McBride for making this day in June so memorable!

David Archuleta

(Left to right: Laurna Taylor, director of education; Clayton Seastrand, audio instructor; Tom Harding, Audio instructor; David Archuleta; Jeff Tackett, audio department chair; Aaron McBride, audio instructor)


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