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New Opportunities at IADT: Retail Merchandise Management

June 14, 2011 IADT General, IADT Online, IADT Tampa, IADT Detroit, Retail Merchandise Management 0 Comments

Retail Merchandise ManagementThink about the power tool you just bought for Father’s Day, the cute little outfit you bought for FiFi, the stroller you purchased for your newborn or the tires you bought for your wife’s car.

They’re all products that need to be managed all the way from concept to consumer, amid an ever-changing economy and competitive wholesale and retail markets.

That’s what IADT’s new retail merchandise management degree programs are all about.

Think of it this way: People buy things every day. As long as there are wants and needs, there will be products designed to meet those wants and needs and an industry for experts in positioning and selling them.

That process goes way beyond just putting out a product and hoping someone comes along and buys it. To be effective in a retail merchandise management position, you should know the methodology behind sourcing, managing and selling products – and how to get them:

• in the right place
• at the right time
• at the right price AND
• display and promote them in the right manner
• to the right group of consumers.

So what do you think? Sound intriguing?

- Julie Stout, Program Chair, IADT-Online


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