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8 Game Design Blogs You Should Start Reading Today

July 9, 2013 IADT General, Game Design and Production 0 Comments

Game DesignIn today’s technology-centric world, many professional have taken their insights to the Internet. Experts in the field are using blogs to share their skills, their knowledge of the industry and their advice for young professionals.

As a student of Game Production, you may learn a lot of useful information from these blogs. Begin by exploring these ten, written by professional game designers and producers:

Applied Game Design

Written primarily by Brenda Brathwaite, this blog focuses on social networking-related game design with a specific emphasis on Facebook. Brathwaite is also interested in non-digital games, game design as an art form and on using games to teach. She is the co-founder and COO of Loot Drop, where she also designs games.

Brathwaite has been working in the industry since 1981. She is a prolific writer and has published three books, including Challenges for Game Designers. Her blog also features guest writers and collaborators.

Discover more about her work by following her on Twitter: @br

Avant Game

Jane McGonigal manages this blog, which focuses on “why games make us happy and how they can change the world.” Her blog showcases unique games and often offers interesting opportunities to her followers.

McGonigal is a game designer, games researcher and future forecaster. She is the founder of Gameful, which she describes as “a secret headquarters for worldchanging game developers.” She is interested in how games impact players and how these games shape the real-world. Her book Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World was a New York Times bestseller in 2011.

You can follow McGonigal on Twitter, @avantgame

The Bottom Feeder

Jeff Vogel’s blog focuses on indie game design. His blog also explores other topics of interest, with an emphasis on technology, pop culture and multimedia. He is the president of Spiderweb Software, which he founded in 1994. Spiderweb Software specializes in fantasy adventures, including the Avernum series, Avadon and Nethergate. Vogel is also the author of Computer Games Magazine’s “The Grumpy Gamer” series, IGN’s “The View from the Bottom” series and a book on his experiences in parenting.

Broken Toys

Scott Jennings, a game designer at NCsoft, focuses his blog on massively multiplayer games. Massively multiplayer games, also known as MMORPGs, are a type of role-playing video game that allows a large number of players to interact online.

Jennings’s blog offers game reviews, industry news and colorful commentary. He is also the author of Massively Multiplayer Games for Dummies.

Designer Notes

This blog is maintained by Soren Johnson, a professional video game designer and columnist. He focuses primarily on his columns, which attempt to answer questions about game designers and the game design process. He also features interviews with designers on his blog.

Johnson studied History and Computer Science at Stanford University. He has worked at Firaxiz Games, EA Maxis and EA2D.

Free to Play

Adrian Crook is a game designer and producer boasting 18 years of experience in the industry. His blog focuses primarily on dissecting the game industry. He examines why companies succeed, why companies fail and covers other business-oriented topics such as advertising, pricing and the economy. He also features interviews on his blog.

Crook runs AC+A, a mobile social game design consultancy, and is the CEO of Play Rank Hoops. He is also interested in virtual worlds and free-to-play games.

You can also follow him on Twitter, @adriancrook


Jamie Fristrom’s blog focuses on game design, marketing, storytelling and programming.

Fristrom was a programmer, technical director and designer at Treyarch and, later, at Torpex Games. In 2012, He founded Happion Labs, an indie game development studio. He has written columns for Gamasutra.com and Game Developer magazine.

He can also be found on Twitter, @happionlabs

Screen Play

Raphael van Lierop is a Canadian game developer who writes about the games industry, development, production, game design, narrative design and storytelling. He has worked in the video game industry since 1999. His blog posts often reflect on his own work and experiences in the industry.

van Lierop is the founder and creative director of HELM Studio. He also works with Blacklight and Execution Labs. He is a prolific writer and has been published in the Penny Archade and PC Gamer Magazine. He has also been featured in the Slideshare/GD Expo.

Follow him on Twitter for more information, @RaphLife

Use these blogs as sources and insights into the game design and production industry. They may expose you to valuable information and real-world knowledge.


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