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Job Interview Fashion: How Stylish is Too Stylish?

July 6, 2012 IADT General, IADT Las Vegas, Career Tips & Resources 0 Comments

Fashion Design for Job InterviewYou’re a fashionable individual with your own personal style, and traditional interview wear seems a little limiting. You want don’t want to hide your personality under a plain suit, so what do you do?

Dressing for job interviews is a challenge for everyone. Your appearance and presentation have a big impact on the impression you make. Therefore, testing the limits of what’s acceptable to wear to an interview might be a risk you don’t want to take.

What you wear to a job interview, however, depends on your field. In fact, the creative and fashion industries are known for taking liberties with traditional interview apparel. This makes sense, since you want to demonstrate your understanding of current trends as well as your creative flair.

If you’re in a fashion merchandising or fashion design program, you have to be especially careful what you wear to an interview. You should make sure your clothing matches the style of the company where you interview, and aim for an outfit that’s stylish but still a take on the typical skirt or dress pants and blouse. Add a conservative bag and heels or polished shoes to finish your look.

No matter what field you’re pursuing opportunities in, you should still opt for a conservative look when in doubt. In a creative field, you can take a purse or briefcase in a bolder color, but keep it simple and subtle. And no matter what you wear, always look dressy and professional. You want to show the interviewer that you’ll fit in to the company’s culture, but you also want to dress formally to show that you take the interview seriously.

Although you should always dress conservatively, you can still dress like yourself. Just avoid wearing clothing that’s noticeable. That is, in an interview you want the interviewer’s attention on YOU, not your wardrobe. Instead of aiming for stylish, make sure your look is fresh and up-to-date.

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