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6 Ways IT Students Can Boost Creativity Using Technology

July 13, 2012 IADT General, IADT Orlando, Information Technology 0 Comments

In a field such as information technology, it can be easy to lose sight of how creativity fits in. Here are six ways you can improve your creative edge while focusing on technology.

1. Build your own computer.

For a lot of people, customization is a key reason for building a computer. This affords a level of inventiveness. By choosing the specific video card, processor, operating system, and RAM, you put your own preferences into the computer, making it uniquely yours.

2. Try note-taking or brainstorming apps.

There are countless apps available that information technology students can use to study class material, stay current on IT practices and developments, and brainstorm new ideas. Here are a few you can try out.

  • Studym8: Try over 300 review questions in varying categories offline and access past papers online.
  • National Cyber Security: Sends you notifications covering the latest technical news and compiles it in one convenient location.
  • Computer Science and MIS: Features quizzes, flashcards and tutorials covering computing fundamentals, Java basics, data processing, system development, and more.

3. Investigate a new unfamiliar tool or computer part

By exploring and studying a new piece of technology, you are incorporating elements of creativity into your work. While figuring out how to use a new tool you, stretch your intuitive powers, which could aid you in the rest of your work.

4. Try a new program to challenge your brain.

Exploring outside of a routine is always a good way to increase your intuition. It also helps you think creatively. When you use a new program, you are working creatively to figure out how best to incorporate that program into your work.

5. Experiment with coding by developing a basic program.

If you are familiar with programming or with a certain programming style, a great way to boost creativity is to build an elementary program. The thought process behind developing the code could improve your abilities in programming and IT as a whole.

6. Boost your creativity by playing video games

A recent study by Michigan University’s Linda Jackson* showed that children who played video games exhibited more creative responses to control questions. The findings suggest that playing video games helps develop creative and problem solving abilities. “If you’re trying to figure out how to kill the enemy, you have to think of something that is not obvious,” Jackson said.

*According to “Playing video games not a waste of time, according to recent studies” by Josephine Woolington. Oregon Daily Emerald, 13 Mar. 2012.


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