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3 Tips for Fashion Window Displays During a Holiday

January 4, 2013 IADT Detroit, IADT General, Retail Merchandise Management 0 Comments

Fashion Displays for the HolidaysWhether it’s Valentine’s Day, Halloween, the Fourth of July, Christmas or one of the many other holidays, stores are in constant competition for the holiday spotlight. It can be difficult to stand out in a sea of holiday décor, costumes and crazy displays. You know that in fashion merchandising, your best chance to stand out is to stock your store with the styles your customers want.

But even if you have the latest fashions, without the right holiday fashion tactics in your window displays you won’t get your target customers in the door.

It’s important to avoid being stereotypical or artificial with your displays. People don’t want to be sold; they want to feel as though they are making their own decisions. It’s your job to show them their options.

Try implementing these three holiday tips in your window display to make your store stand out from the rest:

  1. Avoid using too much technology in your window displays. Your main goal should be to highlight what your store has to offer while also celebrating the special occasion. Flat screen TVs, strobe lights and music distract from the fashions you’re trying to sell.
  2. Combine elements of art and design to make your display more eye-catching. People are drawn to art and architectural details. Don’t overdo it, but add artistic elements that complement your fashions and make them look even more attractive.
  3. Choose clothing items that scream the holidays. Choose party dresses with sequins, sparkles and class. Display costumes or holiday-themed accessories to show customers that you want to meet their holiday fashion needs.


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