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Networking Tips for IT Students

January 21, 2013 IADT General, IADT Orlando, Information Technology 1 Comments

Networking tips for IT studentsYou feel prepared to enter the professional world of information technology, but putting yourself out there can be intimidating. Follow our networking tips for IT students to confidently pursue your opportunities as a professional.

Know What You Want

You’ve been studying information technology for a while now, so own your knowledge and desires. Focus your search to the subjects that most interest you rather than considering any IT-related opportunity an option. This helps you put more effort into the opportunities that actually interest you instead of burning out as you struggle to make too many connections.

Keep an Open Mind

While you have to know your personal IT focus, you should also keep an open mind. There might be a professional networking opportunity within your focus that you didn’t know existed. Make an effort to research the diverse options as you network, leaving yourself open to new experiences within your field of interest.

Use All of Your Resources

Most importantly, be sure to take advantage of all of your resources when it comes to networking in the IT field. Talk to the professors in your information technology degree program, contact alumni, attend IT networking events, and build your online portfolio. Information technology is a competitive field. Find as many ways as possible to show off your skills when networking in your area of focus, whether it is network administration, software development, troubleshooting, or maintenance and security. Each of these fields has its niche in the professional world, so find that niche and use your resources to build relationships.


Mary Conley January 27, 2013 at 12:39 PM

I am an advertising design graduate of 2012. I net worked while in school, joining the right organizations, doing meet and greets and becoming involved in school by being part of the student advisory board on campus. What has it gotten me? Not a thing, I am still unemployed, and I graduated with honors. I did a mentorship program for the AD2, and that got me no where, my mentor did not even have me internship at her place of employment, and yes I even suggested it. But there was always an excuse. I find that people who work at agencies are pretentious, they are only looking out for number one, unless you happen to be the right size a four or less and a blonde. Sound bitter nope, just wiser.

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