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How to Keep Your Designs Current without Copying Others

January 25, 2013 IADT Orlando, IADT General 0 Comments

Keeping Web Design CurrentIf you’ve worked in the Web design and development field, it can sometimes feel like you’re completely drained of all your good ideas.

How are you supposed to keep your designs current without copying what’s already been done?

No matter where you find inspiration, your designs are always yours. You have different clients, different goals and different aesthetics from anyone else in the field. It’s not wrong to find your inspiration from your colleagues and peers.

There’s a significant difference between inspiration and copying. As long as you put your own aesthetic into your projects, you can be safe. There is always room for innovation when it comes to Web design and development, so feel free to take risks and bounce ideas off of your peers and industry leaders. By following some of the latest trends, you might find that your creativity takes you in a completely new direction.

Some of the newest trends for you to research include:

  • Single-page websites
  • Photo backgrounds
  • Solid color blocking
  • Oversized imagery
  • Simplicity
  • Responsive Web design
  • Customized typography


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