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How NOT to Hate Your Job

January 7, 2013 IADT General, Career Tips & Resources 0 Comments

Career Services AdviceEveryone has to start somewhere, and sometimes, that’s in a role that may not fit your ideal. For those situations, Gina M. Castilleja, Campus Director of Career Services at IADT-San Antonio, offers some advice.

Hate is such a strong word.

You may dislike your job, but choose your words. Hate is contagious and a state of mind. If you say, “I hate my job,” you really will after awhile, and you will become angry about it. Saying “I don’t like my job” will not instill the same kind of anger in you. You would be surprised how easy it is to influence your mind just by choosing another word.

As the saying goes, people don’t leave companies, they leave people. My father always told me growing up to look for a job where you like the people you work with. The actual job doesn’t matter as long as you like who you work with. If you think about it, this is true.

Think about your dream job and imagine you landed it tomorrow. You show up to work excited, full of ambition, ready to rule the world. After training with your awkward co-worker (who you discover knows less about the position than you) and meeting the gossip who sits next to you every day, do you still love this job? It is your first day, so maybe, but trust me, after a year of this you will dislike the job. It is really the coworkers you don’t like. If you take the exact same job duties and inserted different coworkers who you grew to love as a second family, you would love your job. In fact, what you really love are the people you share your day with.

Some leave because of co-workers. Poor morale is like a cancer. Once you have one “Negative Nelly,” the air becomes infected with contagious hate like a virus. You have to be careful when you fall into the “I hate my job” mind frame.
Another factor to consider - things have changed so much over the years. No longer are women staying home while men are the sole providers. We are also an instant-gratification society that relies on technology for everything. My point here is we lack life-work balance.

Get organized! Especially if you have a family at home waiting for you to get off work. This means you do not get to punch out, but you’re punching into your second job as a family man/women. If we don’t have a healthy balance, then something has to give. By defeat our job will get the blame. We are not going to blame the people we love at home, our late-night social hours or hobbies. When lack of sleep and short on time, we blame the necessary evil known as “work.”
So, RANT! You have to vent to stay sane. No complaining! Just constructive venting with humor. Find humor in things that make you mad. I guarantee this helps. When ranting, find the humor in the idiotic situations you face daily. You must admit that if it was someone else, you would think it’s funny.

- Gina M. Castilleja, Campus Director of Career Services, IADT – San Antonio


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