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How Mathematics Affects Information Technology

January 23, 2013 IADT General, IADT Seattle, Information Technology 0 Comments

Math and Information TechnologyIf you’re interested in mathematics and information technology, you could be in luck. Recent research has shown benefits to using algebraic equations to improve information technology services.* Learn more about how math skills could be used in the innovative IT field.

The Problem: Dropped Packets

There is a problem in the wireless world, and it stems from lost information. As messages are sent between devices, packets of information are often dropped, leaving behind an error in the message. As a result, most devices currently have to resend the information until it arrives safely, without error. Resending messages takes extra time and energy, so researchers have been looking for a new solution. One of the most recent and promising answers they found could change the way IT works.

The Solution: Linear Algebra

Researchers at MIT discovered that by wirelessly sending an algebraic equation in place of the original message, errors could decrease. The equations allow for the gaps caused by dropped packets. Instead of the receiver being unable to understand a message with a dropped packet, it simply solves the equation for the missing information, or variable. While research is still underway, testing of this theory has proven successful.

So if you’re skilled in mathematics and enthralled by information technology, your mathematics skills could affect the future of information technology. Consider putting your combined interests to use by studying at an information technology degree program.

* Talbot, David (2012, October 23). “A Bandwidth Breakthrough.” MIT Technology Review. Retrieved from http://www.technologyreview.com/news/429722/a-bandwidth-breakthrough/.


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