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4 Tips for Beginner Interior Designers

January 22, 2013 IADT General, IADT Las Vegas, Information Technology 0 Comments

Interior DesigningIf you’re a beginner interior designer, you might easily get caught up in the excitement and depth of the field. It’s important to establish a few interior design basic principles as you enter the industry. Read our tips to ground yourself in the basics before jumping into the complexity of interior design:

Tip 1: Prioritize

When it comes to an intricate field like interior design, priorities are everything. If you know how to rank the different aspects of design, you might see more success. Atmosphere should always be your first priority. By setting a mood goal, you can focus all of your subsequent design efforts toward one unified end product. Don’t sacrifice atmosphere for one piece of furniture or a certain color. If a detail doesn’t contribute to the atmosphere, forget about it.

Tip 2: Choose a Color Scheme

It’s usually best to choose a color scheme before you start to pick your furniture pieces and wall colors. Again, this helps you work toward a cohesive design rather than an unfocused one. Know the colors that fit the room and atmosphere best, and choose other details based on your set color scheme.

Tip 3: Use Samples

No matter how well you trust your matching abilities and style judgments, always take advantage of product samples. Whether they are paint, floor, counter, or fabric pattern samples, take them to the room you’re designing before you make a decision. It’s better to test out your options instead of having to exchange a design purchase.

Tip 4: Always Have a Plan

Not only should you always have a general plan for your design work, but you should also always create a floor plan. Mapping out your space helps you see what you have to work with, and it allows you to make informed judgments on furniture size and arrangement.


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