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How Audio Production Students Can Boost Creativity Using Ambient Noise

January 15, 2013 IADT Nashville, IADT General, Audio Production 0 Comments

Audio Production CreativityHow often do you study with noise? According to a research project recently published by the Journal of Consumer Research, you might want to increase the amount of time you spend around noise. Moderate levels of ambient noise increases the productivity of creative individuals. You might feel overwhelmed by adding more “noise” to your schedule as an audio production student, but follow these tips to improve your creative work:

Avoid Silence

It’s good to take a break from noise every once and a while, but this study shows that creativity peaks where there is about 70 decibels of background noise. So retreat to silence when you need it, but try working with some ambient noise and watch your creativity improve.

Don’t Go Overboard

While background noise is helpful, too much can hurt your productivity. Noise of 85 decibels inhibits creative flow and thought processes. Find the middle ground level of noise that helps you work.

How to Find Noise

Seeking out a new noisy spot could help you implement this technique. You can go to your destination when you’re ready to work and retreat when you need a creativity break. To find the right level of sound, consider a coffee shop or public place with a similar amount of buzzing noise. This way, you can get away from edited sound for a bit while still being able to use noise as a study helper. If you’re looking to work in privacy, consider listening to music as you study.

Remember, find the level of noise that’s right for you. Use background noise to your advantage as you develop audio production industry skills.


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