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Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing Audio Production

December 29, 2011 IADT Nashville, Audio Production, IADT General 0 Comments

Going to school for audio production can prepare you for a wide variety of career paths in the sound engineering and recording industries. But before you commit to getting an audio production education, how can you tell that you’re making the right choice? Ask yourself these five questions before you pursue audio production training.

Am I passionate about technology?

Before you decide to pursue audio production work, make sure it’s aligned with your strengths as well as your interests. Having a casual interest in sound recording isn’t enough to make it in the industry.

Audio production professionals, above all, must be great with technology. Ask yourself if you would love learning digital recording software inside-out, coordinating multiple devices at once, and managing sound equipment.

Am I a great multitasker?

Even if you’re great with computer programs and audio equipment, you also need to have the focus to become an expert in a variety of complex systems. Recording, editing, mixing, and reproducing sound are just a few fundamental responsibilities in audio production, so you’ll have to juggle different equipment and techniques while you complete multiple stages of the production process.

Am I open to a variety of positions and professional settings?

Audio production can be a competitive industry, especially since many professionals want to work in the music recording or film industry. But many audio production graduates typically work in commercial advertising settings, and the responsibilities can vary greatly by position type and location.

If you’re determined to find an audio production position you love, you’ll need to use hard work and dedication. Pursue internships and networking opportunities to get extra preparation for your post-graduate path.

Am I open to trying new things?

Since technology is constantly changing, you have to be prepared to learn quickly. Do you like using new methods and developing innovative techniques for your projects? Audio production could be a good fit for you if you’re analytical enough to identify and implement the best new practices and technologies.

Do I have good communication skills?

Sound is all about communication. Are you a superb listener? To be successful, you have to listen carefully to coworkers and clients as well as to digital audio files.

Many audio production projects require a collaborative effort, whether you’re working in a studio or on location. You’re more likely to be successful in the field if you work well in a team and can step up as a leader.

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