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IADT-Seattle Game Production Students Present to Big Fish Games

January 3, 2012 IADT General, IADT Seattle 0 Comments

Recently, game production program students in IADT-Seattle’s Team Project II class had a rare opportunity to show off the game they're developing to University Recruiter Jenny Park of Big Fish Games.

Several members of the team shared the assets or environments they created, and the team project manager, Ron McComb, shared the goals for the game:

Concept: A mercenary in Hell betrayed by the demons that hired him must stop a war between two warring factions by fighting through a seamlessly endless gauntlet of minions of hell in this over-the-shoulder shoot’em up game.

Core Concepts

In Team Project I and Team Project II classes, a team of student designers works together to develop a playable game within a 20-week design period. 

Design Goals:

  • Create a SHUMP style game in a high-up third-person over-the-shoulder view based on the theme of hell, purgatory, fire and ice.

  • Design an interface where the player must choose between two different weapons and shielding to destroy his enemies and survive in a hostile environment.

It's always exciting when industry professionals are able to see first-hand the great work that our students are doing!


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