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Video Game Graphics: Achieving Impressive Levels of Realism

January 5, 2011 IADT Orlando, Game Design and Production, IADT General 0 Comments

Which video games come to mind when you think about realistic, mind-blowing graphics?

Call of Duty 4, Crysis, Gears of War, Halo 3, and Left for Dead 2 are just a few that probably cross your mind. Depending on your personal preferences and individual gaming experiences, there are a slew of other titles that may have popped into your head. The bottom line is that the video game graphics of today have reached a truly impressive level of realism, and it's hard to imagine where they'll go from here.

Back in the 70's what counted as "graphics" was little more than a bunch of dots on a screen. As you think back to the days when Mortal Kombat and War Craft seemed like the best there'd ever be, it's hard to believe the kinds of games available now. Today's game design and development professionals are creating intensely vivid scenes and life-like images that portray real human emotion and draw gamers into an impressively realistic world.

So, is it really possible to create more realistic graphics than those existing in the video games of today? Game design and development professionals are certainly planning on it. Video game sales net billions of dollars each year for this lucrative industry, and despite trying economic conditions, it doesn't seem as though this is going to change anytime soon.

Think about your favorite video games, and then consider what makes them so enjoyable to play. Certainly usability, precise control, balanced game play and a good story come to mind. Now consider what these games would be like without the detailed graphics that exist in every scene. Chances are they would lose a lot of their appeal and your user experience would be drastically reduced.

For those who enjoy what the video games of today have to offer in the graphics department, it's incredibly exciting to think about what game designers will be able to create in the future.

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