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Unusual Fashion Trends

January 7, 2011 IADT Nashville, Fashion Design, IADT General 0 Comments

Some may see the latest fashion trends as unusual or maybe just different from the norm. Either way, popular styles can stay or fade away faster than a pair of worn-out stonewash jeans. Some recent "unusual" fashion trends include:

  • Makeup for Men: Makeup is no longer a tool for women to enhance their beauty. Men are now using makeup, too. Many men use everything from foundation to eye liner. While it seemed the norm for rock stars and news anchors to wear makeup, now more and more men are using cosmetics.
  • 'Hello Kitty' Jewelry for Adults: Hello Kitty has advanced from school supplies, stuffed animals and stickers to products for adults as well. There is a Hello Kitty-themed MasterCard, kitchen toasters, Bluetooth® head sets and diamond jewelry.
  • Multi-colored Manicures: Celebrities such as Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan are oftentimes seen wearing a different color of polish on each fingernail polish.
  • Skinny Jeans for Men: Similar to makeup, skinny jeans started as a fashion trend for women. Now, men are shopping brands like Gap and Levi Strauss for jeans with tapered legs and narrow ankles.
  • Liquid Leggings: This look is part of the rock star style. Liquid leggings are a leather version of the common Lycra or nylon stretch pants.

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