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Unusual Business Cards

January 6, 2011 IADT Online 0 Comments

One quick, easy way to help your company stand out in a competitive market is by creating an unusual business card. Since virtually all businesses use simple 3.5 x 2-inch cards, stepping outside the box just a little bit will instantly make your card more memorable. And if you really want to help yourself stand out, you can relate the card's design to your industry.

Remember that unique business cards are not for everyone. Business cards printed on unusual materials can be expensive. Also, they won't easily fit into your customers' wallets or Rolodexes if they're bigger than traditional cards.

Still, by making your card memorable enough, you'll dramatically increase the chances of a potential customer keeping your card and telling others about your business. If you've decided that the benefits of a unique business card outweigh the drawbacks, check out these unusual designs to get your creative juices flowing.

map business card

red business card

honest business card

cards-jilee business card

super capacity business card

junge schachtel business card

junge schachtel business card

apparel business card design

second hand business card

lush business card

metal business card

yoga one business card

 automotive business card

automotive business card

clip business card

ballon business card

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