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Swapping for Style

January 7, 2011 IADT Nashville, Fashion Design and Merchandising, IADT General 0 Comments

The economy has not been kind to some of us, and has caused many to become more conscious of their spending. You may find that you’re not splurging as much as you used to. You’re probably not staking out the mall as much either. But you can still be fashionable during tough economic times. With swap parties, you can find great fashions for next to nothing.

Swap parties give recessionistas the chance to build up their wardrobe without wracking up more debt. Women (and some men) get together and exchange their gently worn clothing. Some swap parties can get fairly large, especially when they’re sponsored by an organization. You might have to pay an entry fee at some of the larger swap parties, but it might be worth it if you want to meet new people and have access to a larger variety of items. You can search online or check your newspaper for swap parties in your area.

Not into paying for the swapping experience? You don’t have to. You can host your own swap party. Invite your friends over for a night of swapping and socializing. Before the party, let your guests know how many items they should bring. Also, make sure they know that the items need to be washed and pressed.

Decorate your place like a boutique and have food and drinks on hand. This makes the experience fun for you and your guests. When your friends arrive, have them pull numbers from a hat to determine the swapping order. This will allow you to keep the swap going in an orderly manner.

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