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Master These Computer Animation Skills

January 6, 2011 IADT Detroit, Video and Animation Production 0 Comments

Interested in a job in computer animation, but discouraged because the competition for employment is so fierce? Recruiters for animation studios are looking for candidates with a specific set of skills. Give yourself an edge in finding career opportunities by mastering these skills:

Technical Skills

While it is important to be familiar with the latest animation software programs, it is even more important to master techniques like texture development, shading and motion capture. Because these procedures can be performed by any animation program, you'll be able to animate even with unfamiliar software if you've mastered them.

If you want to be an animator, you should also take classes in math and physics. By knowing the physics behind why objects move the way they do, you'll be able figure out how to make your animation look as realistic as possible.

Teamwork Skills

Animators work almost exclusively in teams. Because of this, recruiters are looking for individuals that will be the best fit for their group – not necessarily the ones who are the most technically proficient. They're looking for candidates who can both get along with others and work on a strict deadline.

They are also looking for candidates who are willing to learn about the overall animation process. Just knowing how to animate well won't be enough since animators work with storyboard artists, writers, programmers and sound technicians. They need to be able to converse intelligently about every aspect of production to help the team function smoothly.

Creative Skills

A solid foundation in drawing and color theory can help you get far in animation. While you probably don't need to become an accomplished artist if you're just animating pre-drawn characters, you can definitely use the principles of movement and color theory that you'll learn in art classes.

A creative skill most people don't associate with animation is storytelling. However, animation is essentially a means of communicating a story. A good sense of narration and timing is essential if you want to bring life to an animated project.

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