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Is Web Design a Recession-Proof Industry

January 6, 2011 IADT Chicago, Web Design and Development 0 Comments

In tough economic times, it is smart to train for an industry that can withstand a recession. While no industry is completely "recession-proof," some industries like medicine fare well during tough economic times, while others like food service generally do poorly. But where does Web design fit into the discussion? Is it wise to train for Web design during a time when many companies are cutting back spending?

You may be surprised to find that, while companies generally cut their advertising spending during a recession, many actually allocate more money toward their website during this time. This is because a website redesign or a search engine optimization program can cost much less than traditional advertising. In a recession, companies are looking for inexpensive investments that can provide a high return. More and more, they are finding that reworking their website can give them the return they are looking for.

Also, in a world where more business is happening online, many companies are finding that they need to overhaul their website to compete. Traditional businesses can no longer afford to ignore the Internet. Many companies that embraced the Internet early are thriving, while most others are scrambling to catch up. In tough economic times, businesses are looking for any edge they can get, and they are turning to Web developers to help them get that edge.

Many Web designers are finding that their business is booming or at least holding steady during this recession. While some clients pull back their Web spending during a recession either because they are nervous about spending or because they are simply running out of money, many others are investing more toward their online resources, making Web design an attractive industry.

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