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Innovative Window Designs

January 6, 2011 IADT San Antonio, Interior Design 0 Comments

Window shopping can be the best thing about going to the mall. There's nothing better than seeing products displayed in a unique and creative way. Innovative window designs can pique interest in a particular item, leading to increased sales for the retailer.

If you should be tasked with designing a store window, don't be
afraid to take risks. Your creativity could mean a great deal to the
success of the company that you work for. Are you looking for
a little inspiration? Here are a few examples of innovative store
window designs:

Interactive Casino
Top Chef: Las Vegas

Top Chef: Las Vegas
Source: Retail Design Diva*

In an effort to promote Top Chef: Las Vegas, Monster Media and Fallon Worldwide transformed the storefront of the NBC Experience in Rockefeller Plaza into an interactive casino. Eight LCD walls were used to create two interactive slot machines that pedestrians could actually play by texting on their cell phones. Participants were eligible to win prizes and a grand prize of $5,000 or a trip to the Top Chef kitchen in Las Vegas.

Hermès Boutique

Hermès Boutique Singapore
Source: Fashion Nation**

 Hermès Boutique Singapore

The creative team at a Singapore Hermès Boutique found a new way to showcase their chic designs. They used oversized pencils, ink erasers and glue sticks to create a whimsical and magical experience.

Apple Store

Apple Store
Source: Ad Goodness***

These window displays were created to promote the iPod Hi-Fi and Apple's Intel processor computers. These windows debuted in 2006 at Apple stores around the globe.

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