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How High Definition Affects Internet Videos

January 6, 2011 IADT Detroit, IADT General, Video and Animation Production, Internet Marketing 0 Comments

In a world of rapidly changing technology it was only a matter of time before high definition (HD) made its way to Internet videos. And now, consumers have the same HD viewing options on their computer screens as they do on their Plasma and LCD television.

High definition can provide Internet users with a better overall image quality and the ability to enhance their audio experience. Today, viewers are turning to the Internet to catch up on their favorite television shows and watch the latest movies. This growing trend is encouraging filmmakers to reconsider what kind of equipment they use when producing videos for the Internet.

You may notice that videos posted on YouTube are still displayed in standard definition. If the Internet video is shot on a standard camera, it will display in standard definition. It takes an HD camera to display an HD image. Converting from standard to HD? Not good, as this can distort the picture.

HD Video Camera

HD video cameras are priced from $199 for a small HD camcorder to $10,000 for a professional-grade video camera. A buyer could expect to pay around $2,000 to $4,000 for a decent HD video camera. The cost of other HD equipment such as connectors, editing software and computers can also add up. Videographers may see the HD conversion as a major investment but a necessary one to keep up with competition and industry trends.

Since the cost of HD equipment is still relatively expensive, many videographers and video companies have not yet made the switch to HD equipment. Just as in most other areas of technology, prices will eventually lower and make it more affordable to purchase HD equipment.

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