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Color Psychology

January 6, 2011 IADT Seattle, Interior Design 0 Comments

Did you know that even though certain colors look nice, designers will not always incorporate them into their colors schemes? Certain colors can trigger specific emotions or responses in people, so designers use them to help communicate a message. Know what kind of response you're triggering through the use of certain colors to become a better designer.

Many doctors wear white because it represents sterility or cleanliness, while many brides wear it because it also symbolizes purity or innocence. White can also represent simplicity or clarity in design. Surround important items in design with white space to make them stand out.

Because it is the opposite of white, black can represent power and evil. While white symbolizes life, black symbolizes death; while white symbolizes hope, black symbolizes despair. In fashion design, black can also be slimming.

As the most aggressive and intense color, red usually evokes a strong response, and can actually raise a person's heart rate. Because it represents power, red cars are stopped more by police and stolen more by criminals. Use red strategically in design - it gets noticed and makes things look bigger.

As the color of both the sea and the sky, blue can have a calming effect. For this reason, it is often used in bedrooms. Blue can also represent loyalty, dependability and stability. It makes a great color for logos of companies that are trying to earn trust.

Since green is the color of nature, it makes sense that it has been used in campaigns to promote environmental awareness. Also, because green is used in nature as a backdrop to accent bright flowers or fruits, it can be a good neutral color to use for backgrounds in design. Like blue, green can have a calming effect.

Because yellow is bright, it is one of the most difficult colors to ignore. This is why it is often combined with black to use as a warning - whether it is on a bumble bee in nature or a caution sign on the roadway. Use yellow in your design to highlight an important point.

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