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Careers in Fashion Design

January 6, 2011 IADT Las Vegas, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Fashion Design, IADT General 0 Comments

Las Vegas is known for its shows. There is the Blue Man Group, magic shows and a variety of Cirque du Soleil shows. Costumes are a major part of production; costume designers help bring the performances to life.

A degree in fashion design could lead you to a career in costume design. Costume designers design clothes and accessories for actors to wear in performances on television, movies, concerts, plays and performances. They work closely with production teams and hair and makeup artists.

Some responsibilities of a costume designer may be to research and design fabrics and costumes from different time periods, sketching and developing budgets. A costume designer may even be in charge of overseeing costume fittings and conducting alterations.

Costume designing is just one of the many career opportunities you can pursue with a degree in fashion design. Other career opportunities in this field may include:

  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Stylist
  • Fashion Writer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Clothing Pattern Maker

Fashion design programs can teach you about the designing, creating and marketing of apparel. You can also learn about the fundamentals of design and sourcing and using textiles. If you're considering fashion design training, look for a school with a hands-on program and quality curriculum to help you prepare for this competitive career field.

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