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Career Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

January 5, 2011 IADT Orlando, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Fashion Design, IADT General, Photography, Retail Merchandise Management 0 Comments

In the fashion industry it's all about the perfect fit. Stylists find styles that fit their clients’ personality and body type. Designers find models who fit the message they want to convey with their latest collections.

Where do you fit in the fashion industry? Is it a:

Fashion and Accessory Designer who designs anything from clothing to belts, hats and handbags. Designers usually have a specialty which can include women, men, children, or sportswear.

Merchandiser who monitors everything from market and consumer trends to production costs. Merchandisers decide what a manufacturer needs to sell. They also create the window displays and signage in stores.

Sales Representatives sell a manufacturer’s garments to buyers from retail stores. They use catalogs, samples and illustrations to aid in their selling process. They also set up fashion shows for the manufacturer.

Fashion Writers produce content for fashion magazines, blogs, television and newspapers. Those in this field sometimes work in a fashion design firm or do freelance writing. Fashion writers also work with fashion photographers on miscellaneous projects.

Fashion Photographers develop, implement and hire models for photo shoots. They take pictures to be featured in books, magazines, websites and catalogs.

Fashion Media and Promotion careers include working with the media to get a designer’s or manufacturer’s clothing featured on television, fashion shows, magazines and direct mail pieces. They also share information with the general public through press releases and press conferences.

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