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January 2011

  • Seven Great Graphic Design Organizations to Consider

    January 7, 2011 IADT Nashville, IADT General, Graphic Design 0 Comments

    If you're involved in the design industry, whether as a student or an established professional, you should consider joining a graphic design organization. While some organizations are wastes of resources, many others provide valuable educational and networking opportunities that you can't find anywhere else. The following seven design organizations can provide a strong return on your investment of annual dues... Continue...

  • Five Best Forums for Graphic Designers

    January 7, 2011 IADT Las Vegas, IADT General, Graphic Design 0 Comments

    Whether you're just getting started as a graphic designer or you've been in the industry for years, you can always learn something new in a design forum. Online forums are great places to meet others like you, learn what's new in the industry, get helpful tips or get a critique of your work. Continue...

  • Free Animation Software

    January 7, 2011 IADT Nashville, Video and Animation Production 0 Comments

    The best way to find out if animation is for you is by actually doing it. If you've ever looked into buying a computer animation program, however, you may have gotten discouraged because they can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The good news is that you can download most of these programs for a free trial, or even a free full version, to try them out. Continue...

  • Swapping for Style

    January 7, 2011 IADT Nashville, Fashion Design and Merchandising, IADT General 0 Comments

    The economy has not been kind to some of us, and has caused many to become more conscious of their spending. You may find that you’re not splurging as much as you used to. You’re probably not staking out the mall as much either. But you can still be fashionable during tough economic times. With swap parties, you can find great fashions for next to nothing. Continue...

  • Tips for Photography Beginners

    January 7, 2011 IADT Nashville, Photography 0 Comments

    Have you always dreamed of becoming a professional photographer but feel you lack natural talent? Are you an amateur photographer looking to improve on basic photography skills? Don't panic. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Here are some basic tips for beginning photographers... Continue...

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