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Watch IADT Contestants on Episode 1 of 'The Look' Fashion Reality Show

February 19, 2013 IADT General, IADT Seattle, IADT Alumni, Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Merchandising 0 Comments

In Challenge 1 of "The Look," a new fashion reality TV show filmed at IADT-Seattle, the 10 contestants were challenged to create a cocktail dress highlighting the latest fashion trends and accessories.

Each designer picked one accessory to complement their dress, which they needed to sew from scratch. They had 30 minutes to buy their fabric, a budget of $100 and 14 hours to complete their garments.

Watch the first episode below to meet the contestants - including IADT alumni Ginger Bellus, Monica Kitchen and Deyonte’ Weather and instructor Iris Klein - and see who won and who was eliminated.

THE LOOK - Challenge 1 Part 1

THE LOOK - Challenge 1 Part 2

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Fri Feb 15 14:23:46 PST 2013

THE LOOK challenge 1 part 2

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