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The Ethics of Advertising on Your Website

March 5, 2013 IADT General, IADT San Antonio 0 Comments

online advertising ethicsInternet advertising is set apart from other types of marketing. Unlike print advertising, the ads placed on your websites can interrupt the user’s experience, and they can remain on the page during the entire time a user interacts with your site. Online advertising is both more permanent and temporary than other advertising because it’s in the users’ control. Users can follow an ad as soon as they see it, leaving your website behind. Or they can choose to ignore the ads in favor of viewing your content. Or, ideally, they can consume the information in the ad and your website without experiencing distraction.

How can we reach that ideal and make ethical advertising decisions when the choice is left to the user? Keep these three principles in mind when considering ad options for your website:

  1. Make your users a priority.
  2. Don’t sacrifice your content for ads.
  3. Use Internet marketing to build relationships.

User Knows All

The Internet is all about customization, so your users should always come first when making advertising decisions. Research your audience’s interests to be a responsible and resourceful online advertiser. Your users might be more likely to enjoy the advertisements, and their experience on your website, if they are interested in the ads. Use the capabilities of the Web to cater to your audience, even through advertising.

Content Comes First

While advertising is often a necessary part of maintaining a website, it should never damage your content. Find ads that work smoothly into your design to avoid distractions and frustrating user experiences.

Spread the Love

When you use advertising on your website to its potential, it can build lasting relationships with both users and advertisers. Choose to work with reliable advertisers who want to do business with you. This can help ensure that your content isn’t sacrificed. Also, by choosing advertisements that interest your audience, users might feel prioritized and want to come back because of your efforts. By balancing priorities between your content, your users, and the ads, you can allow the ethics of Internet marketing to improve your business.


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