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7 Tricks for Audio Production and Editing

February 26, 2013 IADT Las Vegas, IADT General 0 Comments

Audio ProductionAs you prepare to study in the audio production industry, you’re probably looking for some best practices that work in the real world. Follow our expert tricks for audio production and editing:

  1. Add music: Adding background music can help complete transitions and create the perfect mood for your audio piece.
  2. Use high-quality production: Avoid sacrificing quality during any audio production task that involves sample rates and resolutions. Audiences appreciate excellent sound, and they are quick to pick out mistakes.
  3. Check for silence: When constantly working with sound, it can become difficult to allow for true silence. When you want silence in your audio piece, be sure to double check for any unwanted background noises such as breathing or shuffled papers.
  4. Edit first: Audio editing must be precise and purposeful, so be sure to edit thoroughly before you mix anything.
  5. Separate pieces: By separating phrases and sections of your audio piece, you can customize sound adjustments, allowing for a more accurate editing process. Individualize your edits rather than adjusting settings on the entire piece.
  6. Use digital tools: One of the advantages of digital audio production is your ability to produce sound in customizable ways. Use tools such as copy and paste to add a sound in multiple places or tweak already-recorded sounds.
  7. Always backup: Another product of the digital age is the convenience of multiple file saving. Remember to always backup your audio production work as you continue to edit and produce new and old pieces.


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