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5 Characteristics Of Trending Fashion Designs

February 28, 2013 IADT General, IADT Sacramento 0 Comments

trending fashion designsLooking for ways to imitate the latest fashion design trends? You can apply these characteristics to put your fashion design skills to use like the professionals:


No matter how consistent or repurposed a popular fashion trend might seem, there is usually some innovation. Be sure to bring something new to the table when designing, even if you’re trying to imitate a popular style. By adding your own touch, you might create the next top trend.

Brand Consistency

When using your creativity, remember to stay loyal to your brand. There should be some consistency in all of your designs so customers remember what sets you apart and defines your brand.


As we enter the cooler seasons, outerwear is more popular than ever. Consider designing some new outerwear fashion pieces, or at least some everyday pieces that are flattering when outerwear is added to the ensemble.


Continuing with the ideas behind outerwear-ability, design versatile fashions for every season. Customers always appreciate the ability to wear one piece of clothing in multiple ways. They get more for what they spend. Create versatile pieces to make your audience happy and challenge your fashion design abilities.


Versatility usually calls for one thing: simplicity. If you can create a simple yet innovative fashion design, you’ve set yourself up for professional progress. Simple pieces are easy to remember and fun to wear. Most importantly, they allow for more customer creativity. Empower your audience and build your brand’s popularity by keeping it simple.


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